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Dear Neighbor, 

I am running for re-election in order to bring the voice of families to Olympia. 

This starts with education. Our schools in the 41st are some of the best in the country. However, we need to continue to be vigilant as our state moves forward with new education proposals. We can’t shortchange schools in our district as we ensure students across the state have quality education as well. 

With 405, I-90, and 167 traversing our district, some of the state’s biggest transportation corridors are in the 41st. They are also some of the areas of greatest congestion and needed improvements. I was thrilled to vote for the transportation package last year and believe that continuing infrastructure investments are critical. We let our transportation system linger without new investments for far too long. I will continue to champion new investments so people in our district don’t have to choose between being stuck in traffic and spending time with their families.

I am proud to be the lead sponsor of the Equal Pay Opportunity Act. We must ensure that men and women are paid equally for the same work. This legislation focuses on eliminating pay secrecy policies, preventing retaliation and addressing less favorable job opportunities. I am honored to speak often on this topic and raise awareness of the importance of treating and paying employees—of all walks of like—fairly.

Whether it’s championing education, improving our transportation system or making sure our economy treats everyone fairly, I am excited to continue to work with all of you to make sure the Eastside is one of the best places to live.

Tana Senn

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    Rep. Tana Senn was selected by the Early Learning Action Alliance as a Crayon Award recipient for 2016. Every two years, the Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA) presents awards to legislators who are leaders and champions for early learning in the Legislature. ELAA is a broad coalition of nonprofits, businesses and professional associations that are dedicated to making sure that every child in Washington arrives at kindergarten prepared to succeed. "By prioritizing the early years of a child's life, we are making wise investments that help ensure kids have a strong foundation moving forward into adulthood," Senn said in a press release. "Helping our state's most vulnerable children, like those in the child welfare system, access high-quality early learning is critical." Senn is being recognized for her leadership in the Legislature on early learning policies and funding, and her focus on our state's most vulnerable children in particular. Read more in the Mercer Island Reporter 
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    Senn Files For Re-Election for State Representative

    On May 17, I filed for re-election for State Representative for the 41st Legislative District. The 41st, made up of residents across Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sammamish, Newcastle, Renton and Beaux Arts Village, is part of a dynamic region that I am honored to represent in Olympia.  I look forward to continuing to bring the voice of busy families to Olympia.This means ensuring they have equal pay to support their families; they have reliable transportation options to help get them to work and home to the dinner table; they don’t lose sleep at night worrying about gun violence at their children’s schools or in their communities; the water, air and land is clean and safe to grow up in; and that the public schools in their communities are fully funded to provide all the needed services and high-quality education that our children need to grow up to be happy, successful citizens.  
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