Senn Receives Crayon Award

Rep. Tana Senn was selected by the Early Learning Action Alliance as a Crayon Award recipient for 2016.

Every two years, the Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA) presents awards to legislators who are leaders and champions for early learning in the Legislature.

ELAA is a broad coalition of nonprofits, businesses and professional associations that are dedicated to making sure that every child in Washington arrives at kindergarten prepared to succeed.

"By prioritizing the early years of a child's life, we are making wise investments that help ensure kids have a strong foundation moving forward into adulthood," Senn said in a press release. "Helping our state's most vulnerable children, like those in the child welfare system, access high-quality early learning is critical."

Senn is being recognized for her leadership in the Legislature on early learning policies and funding, and her focus on our state's most vulnerable children in particular.

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