Senn Encourages Eastside Support for I-1491

Last week, I had the privilege of standing with other Eastside advocates to offer my strong support to Initiative 1491, which will allow the creation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders.


We must continue to address gun violence in our state. It is not ok that more people died by guns last year – in malls, schools and homes - than died in automobile accidents. And shootings in 2016 are painfully adding up.

As a State Legislator, I know all too well that we could have done more to prevent gun-related deaths. This past legislative session, I proposed two responsible gun measures. Only one was even considered in committee, but neither made it to a floor vote. It is beyond frustrating to see policies that are life saving and critical to our communities left in limbo .  

It is the duty of every responsible elected official -- from the State House to the White House -- to ensure that our cities, neighborhoods & schools remain safe from the tragedies of gun violence.

I remain dedicated to this fight. That’s why I support Initiative 1491 providing families and law enforcement a tool to help intervene before a tragedy occurs.

I served on the board of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle when, just over ten years ago, a man walked into their building and shot six women. I lost a precious friend that day. And for months…years afterwards…I watched five survivors heal the best they could.

What I learned firsthand is that the impacts of gun violence ripple out in untold ways. The bullets fired don’t just hurt the people shot.

  • Families are devastated.
  • Work is halted.
  • Courts and our health system are overburdened.
  • And anxiety and fear spread across the community.

As a legislator, I am continually pushing for policy that focuses on prevention, not treatment. There is no treatment for murder or completed suicide.

But there is a way to prevent gun violence right now, and that’s supporting Initiative 1491. You don’t need to feel helpless in preventing gun violence.

When ballots drop in the coming weeks, I urge everyone in Washington State to vote for Initiative 1491. This is a step you can, and I believe we must, take. 

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