Don't Be Fooled by Misleading Ads

I was surprised to be asked recently who I support for State Senate in our 41st Legislative District. I have been very clear: I endorse Lisa Wellman

The confusion arose over misleading advertisements recently released by Wellman’s opponent, Steve Litzow. He uses both my name and my photo in numerous ads, implying that I have endorsed him. As I made clear to the election watchdogs, the PDC,* I have not endorsed Steve Litzow.

In fact, as reported in PubliCola, I publicly called for him to stop using my name and photo in any and all of his materials.

One of his advertisements claims we worked together on equal pay legislation. I understand that he may not wish to run on his own record, but he may not run on mine!

It is unfortunate that this local election has come to this. But I will not stand by as someone attempts to use me – and the issue of equal pay, so critical to women’s economic security – as a political pawn.

There are just 28 days left of this unprecedented election season. I look forward to getting back to work and moving forward on critical issues like equal pay, fully funding our schools and mental health.

Please join me in helping set the record straight if you hear or see any more duplicitous advertisements.

Thank you,



In Morning Fizz by PubliCola
October 11, 2016

Republican state senator Steve Litzow (R-41, Mercer Island) ...who’s in a tight reelection race in the Eastside Seattle suburbs against Democratic candidate Lisa Wellman, does appear to be in sync with Trump in one way. According to the Democrats: He’s lying.

Litzow used photographs of state representatives Judy Clibborn (D-41, Mercer Island) and Tana Senn (D-41, Mercer Island), the two popular Democratic state representatives in his district, in his campaign ads. The false implication, the Democrats grouse, is that the reps have endorsed Litzow. And more explicitly, Senn complains, one of Litzow’s ads implies that Litzow worked with her on equal pay legislation.

“The equal pay ad is pretty daring given the climate,” says Wellman’s campaign consultant John Wyble. “It’s such a flat out lie.”

Representative Senn said in a statement: “Steve never worked with me on equal pay legislation. In addition, it’s well known that I have endorsed his opponent, Lisa Wellman. I did not, at any time, agree to be in his campaign materials.”

“I am not in any way supporting Senator Litzow,” Clibborn added. “He needs to respect his colleagues who fully support his opponent and cease and desist.”

*Election law says a candidate needs to get permission to use someone’s photograph in their campaign materials because running a photo of someone implies the person supports your campaign.

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