Should Law Enforcement be in the Business of Selling Guns?

Seattle City Council just voted to destroy, rather than re-sell, unused guns so they can't make it back to the streets and be used in a crime or suicide. 

Some legislative successes come in the form of starting or advancing the conversation on certain policies. While my gun-related legislation, HB 2372 addressing the disposition of forfeited firearms in the custody of law enforcement agencies, did not pass this past legislative session, I'm happy to see the fight for better gun safety is continuing across the state.

The question I rose in my legislative address on gun violence still stands, "How would you feel to learn a gun used in a crime was once in law enforcement possession? That maybe we could have interrupted the chain of events. Would you feel comfortable?"  

Councilmember Tim Burgess summed up the City of Seattle's response: "We don't want the city in the business of distributing and selling firearms," Indeed!


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