Faith in Humanity

This past weekend, I joined 10,000 other parents, children, grandparents, strangers and new friends in a protest at the Federal Detention Center in Seatac. Families belong together and our country's actions in ripping immigrant and asylum-seeking families apart is not ok!

Last week, I marched with hundreds of community members and faith leaders who also believe that religion should never be used to justify inhumane actions. You cannot justify the unjust with an errant quote from the Bible. 

The coming together of people of faith, of no faith or simply with faith in humanity is a powerful tool and something we need to do until every immigrant youth is reunited with their parents. 

Make no mistake about it: our country continues to inflict trauma along our borders.

As a state, we spend countless hours, research dollars and funding to prevent childhood trauma, nurture foster youth, and keep families intact. We understand the importance of attachment for children, the brain science of trauma and how hard it is to overcome these things well into adulthood.  

Yet we continue to reject science…and pursuit of some political gain. This is a long-term problem of our own making and will prove to be a dark time for our country. This is further proof that elections matter. 

I urge you to stay informed, volunteer, vote and make your voice heard.  

In solidarity,


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