My Remarks on Trump Administration Appointments and Suggested Muslim Registry

As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I am particularly sensitive to reports of xenophobia, intolerance and anti-Semitism. As a mom and a citizen, I will continue to act and speak out strongly against those who propagate it. As an elected official from one of the most diverse districts in the country, it’s my goal to lead us away from such divisiveness and hate and build up communities through tolerance and compassion.

In my work as a state legislator, I have focused on policies and investments to help end hate, bigotry and prejudice. The State of Washington has been investing in creating a more tolerant, inclusive society in part through education and awareness. Just last year, I was proud to help secure seed funding for the endowed Jaffe Professorship in Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Western Washington University and capital budget funding for the Holocaust Center for Humanity.

The recent announcement by President-elect Trump to name Steve Bannon as his White House strategic advisor is extremely troubling. Our incoming new leadership risks further damage to our divided nation by elevating individuals so closely linked to anti-Semitism, racism and sexism. 

The embrace of individuals who espouse the so-called ‘alt-right’ ideology and demean minorities, immigrants and women furthers hateful rhetoric. Unfortunately, as we have seen throughout history, and up to the present day, it also leads to hateful actions.  

In addition, I am outraged by the suggestion of a Trump campaign advisor that we develop a registry of Muslims in our country and I strongly oppose it. His use of the Japanese Internment, a dishonorable stain on America’s history, to justify it is beyond incredulous.

The divisive appointments we’re already seeing from our incoming national leaders are disappointing and I encourage them to reject hate and bigotry as well as those who espouse it. I will work to maintain Washington State's proud tradition of embracing pluralism and diversity and extending a welcoming and open society to all.

Senn Re-elected as 41st LD Representative - Thank you!

So grateful that the people of the 41st are sending me back to Olympia to represent them. I won a powerful 68% of the vote! Thank you to all my supporters, friends, family, donors---and voters---for allowing me to continue working for women's rights, quality education, children's mental health, a strong safety net and a robust economy for everyone.

Mercer Island Reporter Endorsement

Very honored to have the Mercer Island Reporter Endorsement. 

"Rep. Tana Senn has demonstrated her passion for the state's children and for working women and families by actively sponsoring legislation to their benefit and has worked across the aisle to see it passed."  - MI Reporter

Don't Be Fooled by Misleading Ads

I was surprised to be asked recently who I support for State Senate in our 41st Legislative District. I have been very clear: I endorse Lisa Wellman

The confusion arose over misleading advertisements recently released by Wellman’s opponent, Steve Litzow. He uses both my name and my photo in numerous ads, implying that I have endorsed him. As I made clear to the election watchdogs, the PDC,* I have not endorsed Steve Litzow.

In fact, as reported in PubliCola, I publicly called for him to stop using my name and photo in any and all of his materials.

One of his advertisements claims we worked together on equal pay legislation. I understand that he may not wish to run on his own record, but he may not run on mine!

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Seattle Times Endorses Senn

Today, the Seattle Times endorsed me for re-election:

"Tana Senn wants to return to the state House of Representatives to finish the work she has started on pay equity, transportation, education and gun violence," it begins. "This Mercer Island Democrat says she looks at every issue through the lens of how it would impact children and families."

The recommendation continues, "Senn understand the nuances of the state's education budget challenges and...has some good ideas about education that would likely lead to better outcomes for kids."

The full endorsement can be found here.


Senn Encourages Eastside Support for I-1491

Last week, I had the privilege of standing with other Eastside advocates to offer my strong support to Initiative 1491, which will allow the creation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders.


We must continue to address gun violence in our state. It is not ok that more people died by guns last year – in malls, schools and homes - than died in automobile accidents. And shootings in 2016 are painfully adding up.

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Senn Receives City Champion Award


I am thrilled to receive the City Champion Award for the second year running. The Association of Washington Cities (AWC), an Olympia-based organization advocating on behalf of Washington's 281 cities and towns, presented me with this award at a recent Sound Cities Association dinner in Renton.

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Summer Celebration a Community Hit

This weekend was the annual Mercer Island Summer Celebration. What a blast! My volunteers and I marched in the parade, greeting neighbors and newcomers, handing candy to the kids and feeling the local community spirit.


Reflecting on Nurses & the Fourth of July

While most of us were celebrating a wonderful Fourth of July full of barbecues, families and parades, a group of individuals were working tirelessly all across Washington and the nation to keep us safe and healthy: Nurses.
As their friends and family know, most nurses are required to work holidays when injuries tend to spike. The 4th is no exception with the Seattle Times reporting 18 firework related injuries in the city on that night alone.
I am honored to have the endorsement of the Washington State Nurses Association and now want to take a moment to thank them for their hard work and commitment to one of our states most essential professions. 

Should Law Enforcement be in the Business of Selling Guns?

Seattle City Council just voted to destroy, rather than re-sell, unused guns so they can't make it back to the streets and be used in a crime or suicide. 

Some legislative successes come in the form of starting or advancing the conversation on certain policies. While my gun-related legislation, HB 2372 addressing the disposition of forfeited firearms in the custody of law enforcement agencies, did not pass this past legislative session, I'm happy to see the fight for better gun safety is continuing across the state.

The question I rose in my legislative address on gun violence still stands, "How would you feel to learn a gun used in a crime was once in law enforcement possession? That maybe we could have interrupted the chain of events. Would you feel comfortable?"  

Councilmember Tim Burgess summed up the City of Seattle's response: "We don't want the city in the business of distributing and selling firearms," Indeed!

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